Product: Motorola MBP50 video monitor

Price: £144.99 – £179.99

Where to buy: Amazon

Guarentee: 1 year

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Do you need a video monitor?

As a parent or childcarer a video monitor is a very useful item to have, personally I bought my first Motorola video monitor 5 years ago when my son was born, as I was going to be continuing to work as a childminder just 2 weeks after his birth I had already decided that from a young age he was going to nap in his bedroom as opposed to downstairs, but I needed to be able to see my precious baby boy at all times.

As a parent I recommend letting your baby nap in their on bedroom for a young age as it will help later down the line when you want to move the nighttime sleeping from your room to theirs.

As a childminder you need to have space for baby’s to be able to rest in peace but you must also be able to see and hear children at all times so this is where this monitor can really help you.

Loaded with useful features……

The most important thing to look at when buying your video monitor is that you will be able to see your baby, this monitor has a 5″ parent unit which is easy to take with you anywhere you happen to be in your home, it has a 300-meter range which means as a childminder you can even be working in the garden while your baby’s asleep, as a parent you could be relaxing outside on an evening, it also has an out of range sensor that will notify you if you are going too far, so you never have to worry!

The camera offers a 270 degree view of your baby’s room with a tilt and zoom option all available in infrared night vision too.

I particularly liked the 2 way communication feature on mine, I sometimes found during the night I could simply “shh” my son back to sleep through the monitor without even having to leave my bed!!

The MBP50 is also loaded with lullabies to help your baby drift off, and a very useful room temperature monitor.

you want a good battery life on anything like this and this monitor has a standby time of 15hours which I think is just great!

Is it worth the expense?

In my opinion it is well worth the expense, allowing babies and children a good nights sleep or quality nap is highly important and having the peace of mind that you can see and hear them whenever you want is priceless. My babies safety is more important to me than any amount of money, there are other baby monitors out there but having used Motorola ones for 5 years I can personally vouch for them, this baby monitor won’t let you down and the peace of mind it will give you is worth every penny.

And remember if you are purchasing this as a childminder for your business this is classed as an allowable expense so can be put through your accounts against your tax, so you really can’t go wrong!

So in conclusion, if you want the best baby monitor on the market id highly recommend the Motorola MBP50 video monitor at amazons low price, so click here to head over and get yours.

Thanks for checking this out, hope you enjoy the monitor if you do decide to get one id love to hear about it,


your childcarer friend,

Samantha x

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