One of the first things pre registered childminders ask is what things they will need, there is no quick answer to this as there are many things you may find useful over the years, so here we will go through some of the childminding resources I have and would recommend;

Safety equipment

The only thing ofsted advised me personaly that I needed to have was a safety blanket, and this has to be attached to your wall in your kitchen, so this would definitely be a priority.

Ofsted also expect all childminders to have a fully equipped first aid kit.

Plug safety caps are no longer recommended there is new evidence that these can be more dangerous than an open socket, so don’t waste your time with these.

I use baby gates, I don’t have doors downstairs and use gates instead to keep the children out of the kitchen and my dogs where I want them, you don’t have to use baby gates this is definitley personal choice, though I would recommend door stoppers for your doors if you have them to prevent trapped fingers.

If children will be spending any time in your kitchen then you should invest in some cupboard catches, you can pick these up on amazon fairly cheap and they are easy to fit, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Travel equipment

If you don’t drive, please don’t worry, I know plenty of childminders that get on great without driving, but I do drive so here I’m going to cover some of the stuff I have for travel.

Car seats, buy these as and when you need them but you will more than likely end up needing a variety, hand held ones for younger babies, fixed rear facing ones, high back booster seats and booster cusions, the regulations on car seats has changed many times over the years so make sure you stay upto date wth current requirements using the website, it’s also useful to weigh and measure the children often to ensure their still in the correct seats.

Pushchairs, I have 2 singles, a double, and a triple, again this is a very personal choice, I experimented and found I preffered a tandem double to a side by side. But then my triple is side by side and is a breeze to push………this is a baby jogger which I highly recommend! You also want to make sure you have raincovers and cosy toes for any pram you chose as you’ll be at and about in all weather.

Again you’ll want a first aid kit, these can be mini travel ones, I have one in my car and another under my pram.

Mealtime/drink equipment

Water bottles, children need to have access to drinking water at all times, so I find that sports cap type water bottles are the best for a busy environment………this way you don’t have to worry about cups being knocked over, you can ask parents to send these but I prefere everyone to have the same so no-one gets upset and you don’t risk parents sending juice.

Plastic cups, although you may have bottles children need to learn how to drink from a proper cup so we use plastic cups at meals and snack times.

Plates, knifes, forks, spoons etc. What I do, but you’ll find your own way is colour coodinate everything so each child has an apron (bought in bulk from amazon), plastic plate and cutlery (ikea) in their colour, it helps them feel part of your home, and it’s very useful to me when dishing up meals.

Booster chairs/high chairs. I’m not a massive fan of highchairs but it’s useful to have one especially if you end up with a under 1yr old. Once they hit 1 I like them to join in at the table, so i’ve always been a fan of booster chairs for the table, they are easy to fit into your home without taking over and they add hight and security where needed.


Ill try not to go on forever here as obviously there’s sooooooo many to choose from, I’ll start with my most recommended and work my way down, well I like them all but tried to rank them a little,


fancy dress,

play kitchen with foods, pots and pans,

construction area,

building blocks,

small world play (peppa pigs, weebles, little people, barbies, dinosaurs, etc)

ride ons,

climbing equipment (inc swings and slide if possible)

sand and water play,

craft equipment (paints, pens, pencils, chalk,gliiter, glue, etc)


educational supplies (alphabet cards, number games, dominos etc)

dolls and prams,

transport play,

hamma beads,

loom bands,

cuddlies and puppets,




car tyres and wooden planks,

musical instruments,

magnifying glasses,

play dough (including: cutters, knifes and rollers etc)


Random items you may also need would be a printer, many parents need letters printing for proof of payment, I also print termly reports, and children like to have colouring pages printed off regularly.

smartphone/camera……..I’m mainly internet based so these are a priority

travel cots and baby monitor if you don’t have space available for children to sleep in sight

outdoor clothing for children, I provide wellies and coats (normally gifted from local parents) and have a collection of waterproof trousers……..these are all for if the garden is muddy. children still attend in their own coats and shoes!

wet wipes, changing mat, nappy sacks,

spare everything…………….pants, trousers, tights, skirts, dresses, tops, sun hats, sun cream, gloves, woolly hats, scarves


and finally lots and lots of wine!!!!! for after working hours obviously.


I hope i’ve covered everything but I’m sure there is something I will have forgotten so please comment below if there is anything you would like to add or ask


your childcarer friend,

Samantha xx

2 thoughts on “Childminder Resources

  1. Yeah, Samantha, i agree with you. Door stoppers are definitely the best to avoid trapped fingers as you mentioned. ahahahahahah. I say so because i was a victim which is what led me to get a door stopper.
    Nice post here. Keep up the good work Samantha.

  2. This is a great post for new mothers, it is full of some helpful advice on safety measures,

    I like the baby gates and the door stoppers, I remember the agony of seeing my sons fingers getting squashed in the door.

    And the keeping the kids out of the kitchen especially when cooking is a must.

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