It’s almost September again! So I just thought I’d put together a list of everything us mums need to have sorted so no one forgets anything…….


We’ll start with the biggy, the first thing on our back to school checklist is uniform but let’s break that down, you’ll need

  • Shirts
  • trousers/shorts for boys
  • trousers/skirts for girls……………remember to check your school rules, my eldest daughter now has to have a knee-length, non stretchy skirt!
  • cardigans or jumpers
  • socks/tights
  • most seniors require a blazor
  • tie if your school has them
  • new pants?
  • white bras? (this was a new one for me this year, but unfortunately kids grow up)
  • PE kit

Personally I like to have 5 of most things so there is a fresh set for every day but I know this doesn’t suit everyone, we always get a full school year out of what I buy so I find it fairly good value for money. My favorite places for uniform are Asda George and M&S.


Sounds simple? urghh…………this is the bit I hate the most, unbranded black school shoes, the kids all want trainers but they’re not allowed, traditional school shoes are uncomfy, and will they fit right? Will you spend a fortune to have them scuffed the first week back? Anyway remember to check your schools guidelines before you shop and good luck!!


I think this is the children’s favorite bit, every September they get to pick a new school bag, its not essential but a nice new bag big enough to hold their PE kit, packed lunch and water bottle is normally a good buy………….Although the eldest is still debating whether she wants a handbag or backpack so we can’t tick this one off yet!

And don’t forget to check lunch bags and boxes, are they still clean? Can you get another year out of them?


Water bottles still clean and OK?

Does your school provide stationary or do they need a pencil case, pen, note pad etc

Some seniors need a scientific calculator, check with your school.

Do you have a school book bag, is this still in good enough condition?

If your super organised you could sort winter coats, hats and gloves now ready, but I prefer to give myself a break before moving on to that!

Are you ready?

Don’t forget to label EVERYTHING!!!

So are you ready? let me know in the comments, have I forgotten anything? Please, please let me know if so!!

Not long left now,

Samantha xx

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